Witness to a Meeting in the Cosmos

June 23, 2014

Another of those, never seen this before, experiences last night.

About six different entities arrived from very distant and separated areas of the cosmos. Each was a geometric chicken wire configuration but with differences. Some came with their own background color, others came from different angles, slightly changing the view of the geometry, (not a straight on view).

The pastel green and turquoise colors made an impression of all feeling. As if it was new for me, on me, in me… To allow me to change. It started with a green wire filled with the twinkling green color and then the turquoise painted the background, misting back and forth with a pastel green.

As they accumulated I began to ask questions, something relatively new for me, and without any specifics. I knew that this was a meeting. About what or for what was not revealed to me; just that this was very important and I should know about it. Well knowing about it also allows me to pass it on as it may have significance for others. I had thoughts of some experiences each of us (in the family) have had, but mainly I felt the personal change in me. This is from my area of the cosmos and I was visited as a reminder. The others were lending supporting memory and love.

Awash in Infinite Grace

June 21, 2014

When awash in the infinite grace of the space that is all that is, feelings of joy and beauty can not be known in earthly terms. A time in existence, felt so briefly in this body, leaves a taste sooooo desirable. To know, to be aware, to be and bring it back, the feeling; AH!
All with reason, purpose. I accept. Again and again and again; fully in love.

Journey into the Heart

May 8, 2014

During the night I awoke and felt an overwhelming wave of peace throughout every cell in my body. Sooo calming. Then I felt my heart area begin to expand. My heart and chest felt like they were both enlarging.

So, I went into my heart in that meditative state. In my heart I was joined by a lot of angelic beings who just kept coming in and filling up my first heart room. It just got bigger and bigger and I could feel it expanding physically as well. Then they indicated that the ALL would come through my heart to the world.


Now, to fill in a little background, I have “gone into” my heart at different times during meditations. It is a wonderful experience. I have discovered several “rooms” in my heart. The first main room is a large welcoming/gathering space with an archway on one side that leads into other rooms. The walls of the rooms are “alive”–kind of pulsing–and they are different colors. Amazingly beautiful. One of my favorite rooms is a teal color. In the last room, at the end of the series of rooms in my heart, is a very large opening into a blackness with no end and no floor–an abyss. That is God. It took me a while to be able to step into that blackness (it’s a bit scary to step off into nothingness), but it was a wonderful thing to experience.

The picture I had during the night was of The Divine God coming from the darkness/abyss through the rooms and out through the entry/gathering room through my chest to the world.

Actually that’s the way that The Divine shows itself in all of our lives–through our heart. It is through love, compassion, friendship, caring, empathy, joy–all those emotions and activities that spring from the heart–that God is present in the world.

If you choose to take a little jaunt into your heart while in a prayerful or meditative state, please know that your heart may look totally different from mine. Just let yourself explore a bit and let it show itself to you. It’s a whole new world!

Love, Barbara

Other-Dimensional Travel and the Divine White Light

January 17, 2014


Woke up to the usual…legs wrapped up, heat on lower back, arms missing and abdomen humming. I was deep off in who knows what dimension. Sensed Mom around. It was like I was in her house. Very vibrant Mexican colors…yellows, burnt orange, blues and reds. When I looked in to the universe, a red mist appeared. There was also a new electric light blue. There were angels flying about…the angels returned about a week ago. I am not sure if red angels appeared, or if they were just flying thru the red mist and appeared red. Arregio and S arrived and I drifted off. I woke back up and I was looking at my hand (in another dimension). I had 4 fingers up. I instantly knew it was my own hand. It was right in front of my faces…inches from my eyes. Then the bright white light completely illuminated it. you know the white light that is so white it can be nothing but something divine…man is that light white! So it illuminates it and my thumb comes out to make a 5 just long enough for me to realize as my thumb folds back in leaving the 4 that the message is “4”. Loud and clear! Then I get a vision of a light haired guy about 6 feet 3 inches standing 100 yards away who waves for me to come to him and speaks my name ROBERT. I think this was William. In the last 2 weeks the exact same voice has called my name out to me several times.

As usual, our job is to report it and let it be. I have no clue what any of it means. I sure do like seeing the white light though. Love to all.

Fill Me Up!

December 19, 2013

Robert 12/9/2013

Hello to all. So I wake up in bed at about 3 this morning and the “angels” singing/screaming is off the charts. Then I get this message “something is coming”. Well we all know that could be right now or 20 years from now. Nothing happens for a while and then the dark side shows up and tries to take me, but I realize it immediately and tell them to buzz off. Then for three consecutive times, the vibrations build up to try and launch me in to space, but they never get strong enough to launch me. I doze off and then I am awakened and begin breathing in…and in…and in until I am completely full of air. I breath just a little out and begin sucking as much air as possible in again. It is not going in to my lungs, but in to my chest cavity causing me to start to swell. There are others there to assist me. I am a little concerned I’m gonna pop, but I realize it is happening to me in a different dimension. I wish my other self good luck, and another massive amount of air is breathed in. I now realize it is not air, but something else that I am sucking in. I breathe a little out and start inhaling again, hoping I can make it. At the end of this one, I have inhaled all that they wanted me too. I am almost floating with my chest pointing to the sky I am so full of this “air”. I am stumbling around trying to wait for it all to be absorbed by my body. They tried to put some sort of clothing on me but they have to expand it twice to be able to fit it over me. I am told that the ceremony is complete. At first I feel as if a new entity has been placed in me, but later I come to the realization it is not an entity, but it was a procedure to transform me or give me additional capabilities, or allow something to occur. I come back to my room and fall asleep.

About an hour later, I am jolted…I mean really jolted awake by what can best be described as a half inch diameter solid rod on the top of my head. It hits me so hard, that I physically jerk my body in bed. The rod penetrates my skull, goes straight thru my head, my chest, and inserts itself in to my stomach. My first thought was, “Hey! What the heck was that? That was totally uncalled for!” I’m pissed. Then I think, are they trying to mess with me? But, I realize that the cosmic hit I just took was way too impactful for messing around. Then the rod ignites whatever the heck is in my stomach. I get the slow heat buildup and the rod goes away. So I lay there with a nice warm tummy and fall asleep. The stomach so far this morning is just a slight nausea.

So we live another day and just carry on. I wonder if the planning Pete and Sherri saw was for this “ceremony”? I have no clue what any of it is about. It did not get me out of having to go to work though.

Many Ways to Travel

December 14, 2013

It’s been a while, but we are back!

Peter 11/26/2013

What a great night. Woke up to see an entity moving into the room so I propped myself up to see what was going on. Nothing for several minutes so I started to drift off. Not happening. They continued to wake me with noise every time until they were ready for the show. Then I’m with two other of our clan–can’t tell who. We’re standing on a shoreline and the seas are rough. I notice a rock mountain island and say that we must go to it. “No boat” one of the others points out and I say no problem. Follow me–and I simply levitate above the water and head out to the island. Lots of metaphors to all this.

The back side of the island has what appears to be a small ‘cabin’ so we go in. I levitate up to the second floor balcony and find a stack of files on the desk. Many of the clan are in the files, even with pictures. As I go through them I say, they even have the kids here. Then we are greeted by the home owner who is very busy and clearly an advanced entity in earthly form. He has to leave but we are welcome to stay. Turns out that the house rambles on to a large shape that is all modern and under construction in planning for many others to live there; nothing like the cabin facade.

Now it’s our turn to go as there has been an event that has made many homeless. We ‘transport’ to find the scene and encounter many traveling down a road to get away from the ‘problem’. Our task is to give them HOPE. They know that we are ‘travelers’.

We must become those that are in many places at one time. We are not bound to the conventions of this physical place.

Vibrational Frequency School

March 19, 2013


The full experience recently… Stars, travel and lessons. 3:11 to 5:22 AM. It was vibrational frequency school. How many levels can you get to and still maintains calm in your earthly body? Well, most of the time I was not in the flesh but… Wonderful! I made it to three levels and met a higher level entity at each. Mostly, they were big heads and reminded me of your experience, Rob (“Seeing Dead People”). The challenge was to be in my body while experiencing the frequency and maintain breathing and heart beat control as they ramped it up. I have moved levels past what I have experienced before in my Father’s hospital room (The Spirits Gather ) and I know that this is to prep me for the next occasion. As usual, I can’t put words to the feelings. They were business like and quite neutral with my ability. Yet each entity seemed pleased to great me. They now know what I can cope with and we all know it’s coming.

Ramping Up the Vibration

March 16, 2013

The full experience last night… Stars, travel and lessons. 3:11 to 5:22 AM. It was vibrational frequency school. How many levels can you get to and still maintains calm in your earthly body? Well, most of the time I was not in the flesh but… Wonderful! I made it to three levels and met a higher level entity at each. Mostly, they were big heads and reminded me of your experience Rob. The challenge was to be in my body while experiencing the frequency and maintain breathing and heart beat control as they ramped it up. I have moved levels past Dad’s room and know that this is to prep me for the next occasion. As usual, I can’t put words to the feelings. They were business like and quite neutral with my ability. Yet each entity seemed pleased to great me. They now know what I can cope with and we all know it’s coming.


December 4, 2012

Note: Robert has very physical encounters with the angels who have now and then forgotten that he is a human in their exuberance to share their vibrations with him. He had to remind them recently that there is a limit to the amount of vibration he can handle.

Let me start by saying that ever since the angels were scolded, I have not been getting any uncomfortable sessions. But the vibrations really picked up yesterday so I knew that something was up. I awoke in the early morning in a cocoon. It was like having a hoody on and the draw strings pulled tight. This is a pretty common thing for me. But this time, it felt like my entire body was wrapped up. When I opened my eyes, I could only see out thru the opening at my eyes. My entire room was blacked out from the cocoon and I only had a small window of visibility. Well now…that was cool! It had never happened before! So I closed my eyes and just reveled in my new found position. Opened my eyes again, and sure enough they had me so wrapped up I only saw the small opening. I was happy. Eventually, it started to fade.

Pretty much every night I am in multiple dimensions…awake/asleep/dreaming/and others where I don’t really know where I am. All these states occur at the same time. Sometimes it can take up to 30 seconds to surface from another dimension and I am always amused that I can feel myself coming out of a dimension and comment to myself about it in my awake dimension. I even make the comment to myself,”Jeez! You are really deep! Man it is taking me a long time to get back here!” Sometimes I feel like I am coming here from Home—that this is just a place I am living in for a little while.

Back to last night. I was drifting in and out of dreams/sleep/dimensions so I will tell you what I thought. I am leaning towards these just being dreams though. It was Mom that had cocooned me. She and my sister, Helen were there. I kept referring to “Mom’s cocoon”. Helen looked approvingly at that. We were under water quite a bit and it took us a while to surface. There…have a field day with this one! LOVE TO ALL!!

The Convergence

December 1, 2012

October 19,2012
Another great night with an important notice. Something will be happening in the cosmos on Nov. 3rd and 4th. No other info but wonderful scurrying around, kind of in preparation …

October 20, 2012
Following Yusef’s advice, I welcomed the light and felt the guiding grace. It seems that travels to the stars are no longer the JOY ride they used to be. Now the stars give way to darkness and the gentle arrival to a different dimension. I was told to add another day, Nov. 5th, and received clarity that there would be a three day meeting.

October 22, 2012
Awake at 3:03 last night, things were much different. It began with the black opening in the stars and presence in another dimension. Quite a show of activity and purpose. Different entity mists and color combinations so I settled in and witnessed the activity. There was a strong feeling of preparation for something unusual and all were scurrying about. So I thought, as long as I’m here, “May I have some information about Nov. 3,4 and 5″? Now I was seeing a small preview of a “convergence” of VERY unusual mists each with VERY dynamic white light. It was a big preview. These entities are UNUSUAL and this does not happen often. They are limited in number and they will “converge” during these earth days. They are ADVANCED entities and I have no idea as to the agenda for the three days.

November 3, 2012
I was there for the arrival of the first “two” last night. These are enormous white light structures with a lot of geometry. As I viewed them I thought back to a lesson of several years ago. When mists condense they shrink down to their essence—white light geometric structures. I have seen them do this and link up with others to form horizontal or vertical structures—communities. They also link up to form massive traveling colonies. This type is very beautiful and complex in structure. The two arrivals last night were gigantic structures containing millions if not billons of individual entities. They arrived together though not connected and they maintained a little space between them. They were quite happy to have arrived but were almost business like, as if their purpose for being there was yet to come… I was allowed only to look and felt as if I should keep my distance.

Note from Barbara: We have been waiting for a follow-up to this most dramatic event but this is all Peter was privileged to observe. Although we would like to know exactly what happened in the cosmos at this very important convergence, it is not necessary that we know more. The awareness of this gathering and the dramatic descriptor of it from Peter gives us once again the opportunity to “see” that there is so much in the heavens that we are not aware of. The cosmos is alive with activity and the entities or spirits or beings there are far beyond our earthly comprehension. Peter’s gift is that he is totally accepting and trusting, simply observing without judgment or expectation what he is shown and reporting it back to all of us. We are privileged to have his “sight”.


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